Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where along with How that will Download 30,000 + zero cost ipad publications

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As an avid reader who uses the apple ipad as an e-reader, I am constantly searching for reputable sites for my free ipad book downloads. The iBooks is a free app for iPad that you can get from App Store. The feature of iBooks that make it possible to read ebooks on iPad is its built-in iBooks Store where iPad book readers can access to thousands of books to download and read freely This article will show you how to download free ipad books from the free ibook directory Project Gutenberg.

Project Gutenberg is available in Apple ipad's ibookstore. It has over 30,000 free eBooks in the ePub format( ePub is the open, free-flowing eBook format that is compatible with the ipad). Project Gutenberg is one of the most reliable sites for free iPad book downloads . Books range from classics to the more recent books. Follow the how-to below on downloading ePub formatted ipad eBooks and how to add them to your iTunes library.

Go to the Project Gutenberg website.

Search for a book you wish to read on your iPad.

Click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the book's page.

Download the epub format of the book.

OpeniTunesand click on file.

Click on add file to library from the menu.

Search for and select the eBoook file

Click open, make sure your iPad is connected and right-click on your iPad.

Choose Sync from the menu,on the iPad Tap on the iBooks App.

Tap on the free eBook you added the book should open.

Enjoy reading your free ipad eBook courtesy of project Gutenberg. Tip: when you read books on iPad with iBooks, you may get lost in page location when turning too many pages. In this case, you can move your finger across the bottom of each page to select a page number in a chapter.

Note however that current bestsellers are usually not for free and you have to purchase them at up to $12 per book.

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