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Toilet Spy Camera, Mini DVR,CCTV Camera HD Bathroom Spy Camera Waterproof Spy Shaver Camera DVR 16GB 1280x720 - Shopping - Fashion Style

Description: This classy water-resistant Shaver has total functions of an standard Electric Shaver. More important, this can be a specialist toilet criminal camera. It can help you record a thing important.

There may be a pinhole camera inside the Shaver. With very little visible cords, even a trained specialized wouldn't normally have the capacity to convey to until this radio is really a hidden camera. Because of it is beneficial disguise, you can decide to put this wherever also it won't bring about doubt. With it's 16GB memory card as well as huge volume battery, it may work 8hours for around time. You can use it that will spray anything you think about the idea is amazing. If you are out, it could allow you to record precisely what happened. Thieves and burglars won't ever suspect that Shaver will be truly your undetectable digicam stealing his or her each and every move. Isn't them a beneficial tool for you?


1.Tiny measurement causes it to be easy use in a range of positions.2.It's superb with regard to making use of as a concealed cam, traveler cam, etc. 3.Continuous documenting until storage area will be 100 % personally off4.Colorful movie 5.Internal rechargeable battery 6.Internal memory:16GB7.Playback video clip with a good deal of device, distinct good about PC 8.Video compression setting : AVI video format, 1280*7209.Voice recording: Yes10.Video document size:5M for each min.11.Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable 12.Battery variety : Lithium-ion 2000MAh13.Record period : as much as 2h for 1GB14.Battery make use of time : regarding 8 hours15.Weight:550g16.Waterproof design and style

Waterproof Spy CD + Radio Camera Hidden Bathroom Spy Camera 16GB 720P HD DVRDescription:

This can be a ultra-small digital traveler photographic camera that invisible in the CD drive, it appears to be an regular CD drive, but it surely features a extremely highly effective function, the most useful factor usually it in house covers a littlest camera DVR , you'll be able to listen towards the radio in addition to file offerings along at the similar ,so magic formula in which no person find out the location where the camera does definitely not need virtually any alternative plug-in card, built in memory space 16GB itself, can build up to help 8-10 hours. at this time there is actually period particular date stamp for the record, you can aquire that the majority of real data for a wide range of illegal behaviour.ideal intended for CIA agents ,police,detector,and spy agency.


HD 720P Pinhole camera DVR. CD-player: supports CD / CD-R blank disc playback, choose Repeat, random titles such when player, twin presenters playing, clear audio basic and also honest, 3.5mm headphone end product jack plus enjoy more random. You could established the best time, regular open up play in addition to take advantage of the superb music, adjust the particular fatigue once work along with rest Radio: FM FM stereo, digital push-button tuning, FM :87.5-108.. You might collection a fantastic time, occasion to listen to a person's radio program on a daily basis it is set right, will never put aside the actual time period have missed listening Clock display: Night very handheld occasion present period Alarm clock: three awakened way: CD music, radio, beep sound, according with their preferences


1.Tiny sizing clarifies that it's for the variety of uses.2.Its fantastic with regard to work with for a undetectable cam, criminal cam , etc.3.Real moment documenting with AVI video clip arrangement 4.continuously taking until finally memory will be 100 % crash off5.Color online video media with voice6.Internal rechargeable power supply 7.Internal memory:16GB8.Playback video clip on PC 9.Video compression setting : AVI training video format,1280X720 30fps10.Voice recording: Yes11.Internal memory: Yes12.Flash:16GB13.Video track size:5M per min.14.Recording setting :continuously taking until finally memory is definitely full crash off15.Adaptor type: USB adaptor receiving wire 16.Battery type : Lithium-ion 2000MA17.Record time : around 2h for 1GB18.Battery make use of time period : with regards to 8-10 hour19.Weight: 1000 g 20.Color: Black21.Dimensions: 23 18 5cm



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